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This is where you can find links to spreadsheets of various aisles, brands, and info that has been featured on the channel over time.  This list will be updated periodically as I compile more info.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The product spreadsheets have multiple tabs for different types of products- look at the bottom to find them.
Rainforest Coffee Company:
Buying coffee through this affilliate link helps support the channel and you can use code ‘cancelthisclothingcompany’ for $5 off your order of fresh-roasted, pesticide free, organic coffee and a portion of proceeds goes to rainforest restoration.

Founder & Family Owned Brands Master Sheet 

Personal Care Products Ownership Sheets

Food Products Ownership Sheets

Fitness Brands Ownership

Household & Miscellaneous Brands Ownership

Follow The Money Master Sheet

Sunscreens Contaminated with Benzene as conducted by Valisure

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If you find value in any of the free resources offered here or enjoy my content and message, your direct support through any of these payment platforms means the world to me!
Rainforest Coffee Company:
Buying coffee through this affiliate link helps support the channel and you can use code ‘cancelthisclothingcompany’ for $5 off your order of fresh-roasted, pesticide free, organic coffee and a portion of proceeds goes to rainforest restoration.


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Or, you can visit the store and check out the shirts and merch for sale and get yourself a gift that also supports the channel. 

Awesome Websites I Use To Do Research
…Or just for fun…

(None of the bellow links are sponsored or affiliate links)

Troop: A website and app dedicated to empowering retail investors by pooling shareholder voting power and shareholder activism to challenge the corporatocracy with activist campaigns in corporate elections. 

Market Screener: What I’ve found to be the most robust stock ownership and informational website with the capability to accurately report on international stocks. However, there is a limit on how many stocks you can view for free per day.

Yahoo Finance Ownership: If you want a free and easy way to see who owns a US based corporation’s stock- this will link you directly to the ‘Holders’ tab of Yahoo finance for Blackrock Inc(just for fun) which is also an adequate tool for other market research. Type in any company into the search bar at the top and then click on the ‘Holders’ tab to see what institutions own shares of that company.

Open Secrets: A website dedicated to tracking money in politics. See financial contributions, lobbying and more.

Open Payments: A website dedicated to exposing payments from private sector entities to the medical system.

The Global Economy: A website that can produce extremely customizable datasets of global financial data from a huge array of source data and can provide them in downloadable table format. Super interesting. Some services require payment I believe.

WikiSpooks: A decentralized wiki dedicated to deep politics and conspiracy theories. One of the coolest and most fascinating rabbit hole machines on the internet. Obviously, exercise careful judgement, check the cited sources and apply due skepticism to everything you read on here. But boy is it a fun time.

Wall Street on Parade: One of the last bastions of real journalism in the world today. Incredible investigative reporting and current events journalism on the financial industry and financial crime. A must follow for anyone that follows the money.

Finviz: Stock market insider buying and selling data as well as lots of other market analysis.

Quiver Quantitative: A website dedicated to tracking politicians’ stock buying and selling. Incredible resource for anyone trading in the markets.

Environmental Working Group- Skin Deep: The EWG is not perfect and more and more in recent years there is evidence that they may be somewhat compromised by money. However, it can still be a great starting point for researching chemicals in products and their safety profiles. Their Skin Deep database has information on the vast majority of chemicals you will find in your cosmetics and other products.

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